Stable Economic Climate in the Polish Construction Industry

Despite a harsh winter and the related work stoppages at construction sites, construction companies express slightly higher assessments of the current market situation when compared to the findings of six months ago. Even though construction activity is still hampered by numerous barriers, many companies identify some factors which have a positive effect on the market despite currently challenging market circumstances.
The results of a survey of high-level professionals from the management and operating divisions of 200 largest Polish construction companies, which was conducted by research and consulting company PMR for the purposes of report entitled “Construction Sector in Poland H1 2010 – Development Forecasts for 2010-2012”, are evidence that sentiment in the Polish construction industry has taken a slight turn for the better. In March 2010, PMR Polish Construction Climate Indicator had a value of 6.8 pts, demonstrating that construction companies were more optimistic in their assessment of the market situation than they had been a year ago, despite adverse market circumstances prevailing in Q1 2010.
Polish construction market pmr report
However, the companies which tend to see more negatives than positives in the current situation are still more numerous in the market. The largest obstacle cited by them are problems related to legal regulations and difficulties in dealings with officials (49% of the responses), including lack of legal regulations protecting the Polish market against underpricing by foreign companies offering construction services, overly complicated public procurement procedures and excessive bureaucracy.
Strong market competition, including competition in price, and high labour costs and taxes were relatively frequently mentioned by construction sector representatives as obstacles to doing business in the construction sector. It was also frequently the case that respondents perceived market competition as being unfair. This particular assessment of the market is affected by the fact that overseas companies apply extremely low prices when attempting to enter the Polish market.
There were also other factors named by the surveyed companies as obstacles to doing business in the construction sector. Almost one in every ten respondents mentioned problems concerning the funding of operations (8%), while each of payment backlogs, the current economic situation and lack of investments were mentioned by 5% respondents.
Polish construction market pmr report
PMR Research interviewers also asked construction companies about the factors considered by them to be the greatest facilitators to doing business. Since most respondents did not see any significant factors facilitating market operations, only 48 valuable responses were received to this question.
Factors smoothing the progress of operations in the Polish construction market most frequently cited by respondents included the qualities possessed by their companies, namely: reliability, professionalism, honesty, good credentials and experience (27% of respondents). Next in the order were responses mentioning EU subsidies and easy access to and low prices of building materials (23% each). During a slowdown, construction companies greatly benefit from business contacts, including in particular lasting and strong relations with investors and subcontractors. Respondents also mentioned qualified staff employed by their companies (and easiness of finding new members of staff) and emergence and announcement of many new projects, which should boost demand for contractor services shortly.
Polish construction market pmr report
This press release is based on information contained in the latest PMR report entitled “Construction Sector in Poland H1 2010 – Development Forecasts for 2010-2012”.
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