BICES China – Stride Beyond to Show the Full Vision

While the BICES Organizer is making the Whole New Coordinate for Industrial Exhibitions, BICES 2011 will be another record-breaking event of the year.

– Strong boost in industrial economy, large proportion of industry participation
– Reveal the hottest topics, show the orbit of transformation

Rooting in the basis of fast-growing infrastructure in China, the construction machinery industry develops in high speed, with the sales value in 2010 rising by 48%, and such trend is said to continue throughout the whole year of 2011. While the recovery impetus of occidental markets gradually becomes apparent, the emerging markets is maintaining strong demands and greeting the fast growth of the export. Since the BICES/IVEX project was launched in July 2010, enquiries and booth reservations have rushed in by thousands. As of the middle March, more than 900 booths have already been booked by enthusiastic exhibitors, breaking the record over the same period of last BICES. The exhibition update will be represented as follows.
1. Being optimistic about Chinese market and the well-recognized BICES/IVEX brand, a large number of the former exhibitors made reservation for booth space much larger than they used to require. A few of the booth reserved has even reached 4000 to 5000 sqm in floor area. In spite of the organizers’ efforts to provide widened space, there are still enterprises which cannot fully realize their requirement of show space expansion. Therefore, the organizers said they will consider at preference those exhibitors who will bring newly innovated products and green, energy-saving products.
2. Reservation made by the international exhibitors has increased by large margin, as the influence of economic crisis over them on BICES 2009 has faded away in the latest months. BICES 2011 will have in its history the largest participation of international exhibitors who engage in the manufacturing of earth moving equipments, mining vehicles, engines, drilling machine and aerial machines. The show’s platform effect will be reinforced.
3. The exhibits category of BICES is expanding too. New segments emerge in every aspect of whole machine and spare parts, while new business models such as financial leasing and auctions will also find their way into the exhibition. The consistent upgrading of machine automation has naturally led to exhibits that apply better information technology and artificial intelligence, which will become hot topic on the show.
4. The trend of industrial transformation is accelerating, the trace of which can be observed in the currently registered exhibitors. The manufacturers of simplex product-line are more and more likely to be mergered by comprehensive manufacturer. Different businesses intermingled and integrated before turning into a larger enterprise. Meanwhile, new enterprises which keep entering into the construction machinery market will also choose BICES/IVEX as their preferential platform.
BICES- China (Beijing International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Seminars, the former Beijing International Construction Exhibition and Seminars) is an exhibition under the leadership of industry authorities. Every step that BICES has taken is closely related with the growth of the industry. BICES 2011 will be held from Oct 18 to 21, 2011, at Beijing Jiuhua International Exhibition Center with expected 200,000 sqm show space and 1,200 exhibitors.
About IVEX
IVEX – China·Beijing International Commercial Vehicles Exposition will be co-located with BICES in 2011. This is a exhibition particularly for trucks and special vehicles launched by BICES Organizers and CMIF (China Machinery Industry Federation). The exhibition will share the visiting resources with BICES and promote the applications and technology innovations of commercial vehicles in China.
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Source: BICES Press Room