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Use/ Role of AR/VR in Construction

3D Repo

Technological innovations have revolutionized industries across the globe. Internet of things, smart devices, automation, and artificial intelligence are ubiquitous in industries and daily use gadgets. The pace of technological advancement is unprecedented. The construction sector is also incorporating modern innovations to meet the demands of the modern era. The construction …

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Building a Green Future

solar energy

As sustainable development globally gains traction, the 2018 Green Building Convention couldn’t have come at a much more opportune moment than this. This year’s event, bearing the theme, “The Race to Zero” has been set to take place in Cape Town, South Africa. This convention is solely centered on having …

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Advancements in Green Building Materials

Using green building materials is no longer a trend that a few clients and customers are interested in; it’s an expectation. From residential to commercial building, the use of green building materials has skyrocketed in recent years, and it is expected to continue. Understanding advancements in green building materials ensures …

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