The 5th International Conference – Wind Energy in Romania – Wind Parks Boom for 2012

Wind energy has experienced in the last years a growth of installed capacity in Romania and according to the experts, by the end of this year over 7.5% of the electricity demand could be covered by wind energy. Today the installed power of all operating wind parks is 1000 MW. Compared to 2010 the percentage of growth was of 112.6% in 2011 and for 2012 it is expected to double the installed capacity. To support the development of this field, REECO, trade fair and conference organizer on renewable energy and energy efficiency all over Europe, comes back to the Palace Hall Bucharest, between the 21st – 23rd of November with the 5th edition of RENEXPO® SOUTH-EASTEUROPE.
According to Transelectrica, this year in August, the total MW of projects with the Technical Approve for Connection and with the concluded Connection Contract reached 22.458 MW. This statistic ranks Romania on the 2nd place in Europe, after Germany and before Spain. These projects are currently just being planned and ready to be started in the next years. 97% of the installed capacity until today is located in south-east of the country but this year a tendency to move on the northeast of the country is also shown.
Romania has attracted many investors in renewable energy, especially due to the support scheme approved by the European Union, according to which the wind energy producers receive 2 green certificates per MWh. The purpose of this support system is to attract by 2020, 5 billion euro in wind investments. Next years there will be built 10 wind parks in several regions of the country like Brila and Buzu county. The investment in these parks reach up to 1,35 billion euro. Due to the high potential of growth of investments and the interest in wind energy,
RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE will present the 5th International Conference – Wind Energy in Romania. The one day conference will present the legal, economic, financial and operating conditions of wind energy in Romania. The conference will take place on 21st of November, at Palace Hall Bucharest.
During the conference, experts in this field, representatives of associations and decision makers will hold a presentation. There will be hold presentations regarding the support scheme, the market and Romanian regulations regarding wind energy as well as implementing projects on wind energy and their effectiveness. Zoltan Nagy-Bege, General Director – Energy Efficiency Regulation Department, ANRE, will present “News on Renewable Energy Support Scheme in Romania”, and Eng. George LAVROV, from ISPE, Romania will talk about “Current Aspects Regarding the Wind Power Plants Connecting to National Power System”. The conference will enjoy also the presence of Gherghina VLDESCU, Market Operator for Next Day for Green Certificates, OPCOM, Romania, who will hold a presentation during the 2nd session – Consulting, Connecting to the Grid & Competition Issues.
“Current Status of Wind Energy in Romania” will be presented by Silvia VLSCEANU, Industry & Services Commission, The Chamber of Deputies, Romania, and about the building possibilities of wind parks and their effectiveness will have a speech Francisco Javier LARRAÑETA NIDO, Area Manager Romania, Bulgaria & Gamesa Turkey that will speak about “Gamesa: Operational Experience in Romania” and Sebastian ENACHE, Director of Wind Power Energy, Romania, who will talk about the “Romanian Energy Market”.
RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE trade fair and conference has the support of 2 important sponsors from wind energy namely: Gamesa, from Spain and IDNAMIC East SRL from Romania.
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