The Most International Edition of SMOPYC Concludes with Excellent Results

April 9th saw SMOPYC, the International Show of Public Works, Construction and Mining Machinery, bring down the curtain on its fifteenth edition, with very positive results. The participation of 1,253 exhibitors from 34 countries and 89,000 visitors from all over the world, with a significant increase in foreign visitors, confirms SMOPYC’s position as a benchmark event for the international construction sector.
SMOPYC 2011 has proven to be a highly satisfactory event. This is the initial and very precise assessment of the Steering Committee of the 15th edition of a fair characterised by its high degree of internationalisation. Once again, the event demonstrated its capacity to unite the sector, with the participation of 1,253 exhibiting companies, supported by the presence and backing of practically all the sectoral associations and the attendance of 88,931 professional visitors from 50 countries.
Given the current economic situation, this edition of SMOPYC generated great expectation as a barometer of the health of the sector. The final figures exceeded expectations. Bearing in mind that SMOPYC 2008 obtained the best figures in the history of the event, the 2011 figures not only reflect the current situation but also suggest a recovery with respect to the mood of the market. This is particularly evident from analysis of the visitor figures. The total of 88,931 is outstanding in that – notwithstanding the exceptional 2008 figures – it represents an increase of 7.8% with respect to the previous edition in 2005. An even more positive figure is the growth in the number of foreign visitors, with the total of 10,079 representing an increase of 9.8% with respect to 2008.
Distribution of companies by country and exhibition sector
SMOPYC 2011 was divided by sector in 9 large halls and occupied a total surface area of over 300,000 m2, including exhibition, demonstration and services areas. The 1,253 exhibitors came from 34 countries. 502 were Spanish companies, with the remainder coming from abroad. 87% were from Europe (1,097), 8.15% from the Americas (102), 3.5% from Asia (44) and 0.755% from Oceania (10).
Participation by sector was similar to that of the previous edition, with noteworthy figures being the decrease in the industrial vehicles and transport sector and an increase in the components and spare parts sector. The distribution by sector in percentages was as follows:

Earthmoving and roads: 27.19%
Aggregates and concrete: 15.92%
Elevation and Maintenance: 21.54%
Industrial vehicles and transport: 6.91%
Auxiliary equipment for the construction sector: 16.84%
Components, spares, accessories and services: 11.6%
International brokerage events
Although there was constant activity throughout the duration of the fair, the visit of 150 foreign delegations and trade missions from 60 countries meant that the middle days of the event attracted the greatest number of visitors. This also coincided with the holding of different technical conferences and the most important of the sectoral meetings. Generating new business and entering the international market now seems to be a vital strategy for the survival of companies. Hence, the importance of SMOPYC’s strong international dimension, which offered business opportunities to participants and facilitated their access to foreign markets. One of the tools placed at the service of participating companies came in the form of the brokerage events organised by the Zaragoza Trade Fair Center, the Spanish Manufacturers Association of Construction and Mining Equipment (Anmopyc) and the Employer’s Confederation of Aragón (CREA), which belongs to the Enterprise Europe Network. These organisations drew up a very busy work schedule, replete with business contacts, that brought together representatives from the different international markets, including companies from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kuwait, the Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Panama, Peru, Qatar, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, the Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
On this occasion, the by now traditional trade missions organised by the Zaragoza Trade Fair Center focused on four countries with great import potential in the infrastructure sector: Angola, Morocco, Algeria and Poland.
Complementary activities: technical seminars and sectoral meetings
The large number of meetings, assemblies, forums and technical seminars held throughout the 5 days of the fair serve to confirm the great international recognition that SMOPYC has achieved, not just as a platform for business, but as a centre of debate and a framework for the airing of preoccupations and the presentation of innovations for the construction industry. The first day of the fair saw the official presentation of GREMIOS, the Spanish Federation of Construction Guilds, promoted by associations such as ADRP, AEDED, AEDT, AETAC, ANEIP and ARPHO.
The opening ceremony of SMOPYC 2011 also saw the presentation of CONFALQ, the Spanish Confederation of Equipment Rental, founded by ANAPAT, ASEAMAC and FANAGRUMAC. During the fair, both of these sectoral organisations carried out a number of actions, presentations, conferences, professional seminars, meetings and assemblies of the different entities belonging to them.

Other important sectoral meetings to take place at SMOPYC included the executive meeting of CECE, the Committee for European Construction Equipment Diamant Building, the Plenary of the Machinery Commission of SEOPAN, the Spanish Association of Construction Companies, and the Assembly of Anmopyc.
The numerous Technical Seminars and Brokerage Events held within the framework of SMOPYC 2011 included: “New trends, innovation and optimisation of fixed and mobile machinery in quarries and gravel pits”, organised by ANEFA, the Spanish Association of Aggregates Manufacturers; “Trenchless technologies for sustainable development and progress”, organised by IBSTT, the Iberian Society for Trenchless Technologies, and the seminar organised by BIBKO entitled “Recycling of fresh concrete and waste water”. As mentioned above, the Spanish Federation of Construction Guilds participated very actively in the complementary activities, organising brokerage events, such as that of AEDAD, entitled “The current state of the demolition Guild. Challenges, prospects and business opportunities”. The Confederation of Equipment Rental organised another important event entitled “Aerial platforms: information and training of operators”.

A Boost for Technological Innovation
The SMOPYC Technological Innovation Awards act as a stimulus for innovation amongst companies and avail of the event’s prestige to promote the latest developments in the sector. At SMOPYC 2011, awards were presented in three categories.
In the category “New Developments in Machinery”, the Gold award went to Comoplesa-Lebrero, S.A., for its insulated asphalt tanker, an example of R&D&i aimed at energy saving and the optimisation of material use.
The Silver award went to Mopicsa/Soilmec S.p.A. for the BELI hydraulic screen wall machine with 4 high-capacity rotaries, a completely original design in the creation of cut-off walls, giving greater productivity and performance in addition to being more eco-friendly.
The Bronze award in this category was presented to SEBHSA, for its Robot pump for the projection of concrete. This can perform tasks that no other machine can carry out, with completely optimised machine transfer movements and positioning.
In the category, “Innovation in Equipment, Components and Auxiliary Means”, the Gold award was won by INELAS POLIURETANOS, S.L. for its Mobile Screen Cleaner Device for dry screening, a great innovation in the design of the polyurethane screen, due to the integration of a device that prevents blockages during operation.
The Silver award in this category went to MAQUIOBRAS for its UNE 180401:2010 compliant loading and unloading floor platform, a new and unique platform with a system of interlocking railings whose activation affords enhanced safety.
Finally, the Bronze award was won by METALOGENIA, S.A., for its hammerless Ripper R tooth system, an innovative design offering increased ripping penetration, greater efficiency and safety in changes, fewer breakdowns and easier maintenance.
In the Category “Service Applicable to the Building Activity”, special mention went to I.C.C. CONVEYOR, S.L for the ALMEXPAD system for the control of conveyer belt vulcanisation presses, which offers a variety of benefits, including total management of the application by Internet and GPS.
SMOPYC 2014, due to be held in Zaragoza from 1st to 5th April
Looking ahead to 2014, -the event will take place from April 1st to 5th-  the Steering Committee is beginning to formulate its plans, in the knowledge that there is no room for complacency and that it is vital to carry out ongoing actions. For this reason, from now until the next edition, SMOPYC will continue to work towards the broadening of its international base, by attending and promoting the event in all worldwide construction sector forums, creating synergies, facilitating contacts and enhancing services with the goal of accompanying and serving the sector from the excellent business platform represented by a trade fair of the prestige of SMOPYC, now regarded as amongst the most important in the world by the construction industry.
Source:  Smopyc Press Room