recycling aktiv and TiefbauLive 2011: 18th – 20th May 2011 Two trade fairs – One place – One time

Organizers of the closed cooperation agreement pro interaction
Unique complementary program at the „Messeplatz“ Baden – Airpark
Pulling synergies become concepts i – points

Next year the demonstration fairs recycling aktiv and TiefbauLive will take place at the same time: the organizers GEOPLAN GmbH and VDBUM Service GmbH signed and agreement on March 30 as for leading through both fairs at the same time and same place. As conceived by practitioners for practitioners, from May 18 – 20, 2011, both TiefbauLive – typical constructions machines and fittings for deep, ground and road constructions at the same time with recycling units, presses, shredders, sorting systems and special machines for demolition, recycling and materials handling of recycling aktiv will show their abilities in practical demonstrations.
The complementary program of both special fairs organized at the airport in Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden offers an excellent opportunity to round up producers and users at the same event. Synergies are already scheduled beforehand. Producers, whom list in their portfolio machines as well as fittings, will meet here both particular market targets. Users receive useful suggestions for new machinery combinations, meant for better approach of difficult tasks. This parallelism should result in many plus factors so that the plan of a trade fairs combo was very positively welcomed by the key customers of both events.
Numerous advantages in one custom sized frame
The trade fair facilities in Baden-Airpark stands in not only with the immediate vicinity of the Baden-Airpark Airport, but also with the convenient distance to the A5 Baden Baden motor – way junction, a good reachability for both exhibitors and visitors. The choice of location aims also to the interested parties from the neighboring Switzerland and France.
Sector A of the airport compounds will become in May 2011 the “trade fair location of all times”. According to the updated plans the estimated surface available for both fairs is of approx. 92.000 m². The fairs concept stands both for generous surfaces with large enough outdoor spaces for live demos and attractive indoors surfaces in modern big sized pavilions. The special trade fairs experience is completed by the ample parking capacities close to the exhibiting facilities and the professional infrastructure.
Double expertise established
The contract between GEOPLAN GmbH and VDBUM Service GmbH was signed by the business managers of the companies Dr. Friedhelm Rese and Udo Kiesewalter as well as Peter Guttenberger, first chairman of VDBUM e. V.

Two trade fairs in one place for strong benefits: on March 30 GEOPLAN GmbH and VDBUM Service GmbH signed a contract for the trade fairs combo recycling aktiv/TiefbauLive. In the photo from left to right: Andrea Friedrich, CEO GEOPLAN, Dr. Friedhelm Rese, Business Manager GEOPLAN and Trade Fair Manager of recycling aktiv, Peter Guttenberger, 1. Chairman of VDBUM, Udo Kiesewalter, Business Manager VDBUM Service GmbH and Trade Fair Manager of TiefbauLive and Michaela Stephan, Projek Manager of the trade fairs combo
According to contract GEOPLAN, as organizer of recycling aktiv, will take over in coordination with VDBUM Service GmbH, also the full project management of the TiefbauLive. Determining for this decision is the long standing experience that GEOPLAN can bring in this new strategic partnership, for the success of the trade fairs combo, as a specialist in demonstration trade fairs since 1990.
Both organizing partners expressed their satisfaction for the contract, enclosed to mark completion of the negotiations, ran at all times respectfully and result oriented.
Recycling aktiv will be sustained also in 2011, technically and conceptually, by prestigious trade associations of the different recycling sectors. Technical and conceptual supporter of the TiefbauLive 2011 is the central association of the German Construction Industry (ZDB).
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