Usetec – Affordable high-tech

The USETEC fair is a great opportunity to purchase excellent technical equipment at low prices. It is precisely entrepreneurs in the field of construction machines to know that acquiring new equipment, vehicles and machinery may be related to high costs. Though, already in six months or one year the entrepreneur may find the exact same used model a lot cheaper. USETEC has set the goal to be a platform for precisely this market.

Thus, USETEC becomes the active link between manufacturers, retailers, distributors and purchasers. The 2012 exhibition will take place as with March 5th to 7th. On the occasion all that is to offer by the modern used technology market will be driven to the internationally renowned Cologne World Fair.

The first edition of USETEC took place in April 2011. It became clear then and there that this was a successful concept, skillfully implemented. Therefore there were more than 9250 buyers from 119 countries to visit the first edition of the event. Every entrepreneur and buyer whishes upon excellent technology at affordable prices and thus the field of construction machinery will have a front place at this year’s edition of USETEC. Among other things potential buyers can see and purchase here used construction machines, milling machines, excavators, trucks, all kinds of vehicles, tools and much more. All equipments and vehicles displayed at USETEC under the segment of construction machines and construction vehicles must be used or related to the construction field. Thus, visitors should be able to place themselves better and loose no time on the fair. Extensive search for construction machinery is not applicable; the fair is organized in such a way that all categories are are allotted to their own specific area.

Cologne Fair expects also for this years’ edition full house and a keen interest for the numerous construction equipment and machinery. Very high stakes of interest are placed ever again on the used vehicles. As important background information, buyers should know that the organizers take no responsibility for the sold equipment or machines. This is fully assumed by the seller. Therefore any device, any machine or vehicle arousing interest and to be purchased, must be viewed through the proverbial magnifying glass. Potential buyers should receive information on the status of any object from the seller and dealer, present on the fair.

The significant advantage of the used machinery fair lies mainly in the fact that the interested entrepreneurs are here in front of a broad overview. Aside from the display of the equipments offered, they have the opportunity to inform themselves about the technical progress in their field of interest. Many different exhibitors show their used equipment at USETEC and offer the possibility of an immediate purchase of the desired device, vehicle or machinery.

In addition to structural and technical data of potential buyers and purchasers it is possible to inquire also on the market value of the different construction equipments and machinery. This offers a good opportunity to evaluate and compare the current value of its own stock and vehicle fleet. The offer of used machinery is truly eclectic. There are indded many facets of the industry standard equipment, machinery and vehicles represented. Active traders, companies and entrepreneurs offer here, on the impressive exhibition area, their used machines and equipment. Furthermore, the possibility occurs for the visitors to grab real bargains at the sales organized by prestigious auction houses. Also, there are the E- Commerce companies offering answers to questions and yet again the chance for a potential business.

But there are not only the sale and purchase of used equipments in the fore ground. The fair is an all-round concept, also creating the possibility to meet representative service companies in the sector. They are present to offer their services for post-assembly, modification or upgrading of existing equipment and machines. Even the maintenance of vehicles may be enabled by a visit to the fair. For, by the visit to the fair, it is possible to plan by direct contact an appointment for maintenance or any other intervention needed in relation to equipments or the fleet.
Hence, this exhibition offers a double use, since both the visitor and exhibitor benefit greatly from the excellent offer and may use the opportunity to establish new contacts.

Who should buy a construction giant on the fair, has on the spot the possibility to approach one of the special carriers present. They offer to assemble and disassemble the purchased goods. This way the purchaser may receive a full offer for the goods and services. Naturally, these services are advisable and available also aside the fair, for further activities.

In order for nothing to go wrong in the buying and selling process, there are also professionals in finance and leasing available on the fair. Additionally, there are on site appraisal services available among exhibitors. Therefore, the fair puts together an all round package, targeting a high level of satisfaction for both visitors and exhibitors.

Fact is: companies can low price and expand their existing fleets or equipment rigging and have the possibility to gain on used machines and equipments. For all the ones who have just entered business or are still just setting it up do have the chance here to set a professional foundation for a successful construction company. They too have the chance to find here affordable facilities. It should be stressed though, that this is exclusive used technology here. All the products offered have been use before and are found in different condition. There are no new goods offered on the USETEC. Hence the name of the show; Used Technic.

It has been shown in the past that both start-ups, as well as established companies apprehend the offer of USETEC. It was also found that there are mostly start-ups, as well as established companies from emerging and developing countries employing USETEC to purchase high quality equipment and vehicles. There are more than 500 exhibitors from 30 different countries with goods on display at USETEC. It is therefore not surprising that many visitors would travel to the exhibition, both from the country and abroad. By purchasing on the fair, production bottlenecks caused by not enough machines can be overcome quickly and cost efficiently. The long delivery time of new equipment may also be bridged, hence avoiding production standstill and high purchase costs.

The exhibition opens daily, 9 to 17. A day ticket costs 28 €; a permanent pass can be bought for 43 € and it includes the USETEC catalogues as well as access at the hardware fair.

Further information available on the website of the Cologne fair,  USETEC.

Leoni D. Unfried

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Translation: Ioana Giurgiuman