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UTICAM 2012 – strongest brands in construction, competition and entertainment

First edition of the construction machinery and trucks, UTICAM, will take place from April 25th to 29th. The event will be located in the Băneasa commercial area and is organized by Set Events in cooperation with the Construction Machines Distributors Association (ADUC). For a number of reasons, the fair is a first for Romania.

Famous brands and 40% savings for the exhibitors

First, UTICAM manages to summon important names in the construction sector, such as Bergerat Monoyeur, Case, Volvo, and Terra Romania. Then, exhibitors who chose to participate in UTICAM will be pleasantly surprised by not having to pay the utilities separately, which is usual for other such events. In other words, there are no hidden costs, and the rental for the exhibition space includes all needed services, including tents for the staff. “After an average calculation, the presence of exhibitors at UTICAM shows budget savings of 40%, compared to other fairs.” said the Events Set representative, Carmen Nechita.

The numbers of exhibitors expected at UTICAM is over 50, given the pace at which the organizers discussions with the distributors have developed. Up to date, over half of the exhibiting area is booked. If this years edition expects the strongest brands represented in Romania, for next year UTICAM aims to attract also distributors of construction machinery from abroad. The fair will show construction trucks, concrete machinery, caterpillar cranes, excavators, truck cranes, percussion machinery and other equipments specific to the construction industry.

For exhibitors this is a good opportunity to meet potential buyers and to study their needs and purchase habits. Thus, the companies providing construction equipment can improve their technologies so as to attract new buyers. Also, it is a perfect opportunity to get to know competition and to overcome it. Finally, for exhibitors, the presence at the fair is a positive circumstance, since increasing brand awareness is vital in such a competitive sector.

More then 5000 visited expected at the fair

As visitors, UTICAM expects companies in constructions, civil engineering, construction consultants, developers, suppliers, petroleum products retailers, architects, cement producers, representatives of the local and central administration, companies in mining machinery. However, Set Events counts also on a large lay public presence, not as much directly interested by the field as by the construction machinery show.

Over 5000 visitors are expected at the fair.  Weather involved in the construction industry or simply visitors, everyone will benefit from participation in UTICAM. First, as part of the industry, here is the opportunity to compare and perhaps purchase the most recent technologies in the filed. Last generation technologies are a guarantee that the business heads to the right direction.

Construction company owners are welcome at UTICAM, where they should have the possibility to buy the best machinery taking advantage of the significant discounts available with exhibitors on the duration of the fair. The event is an important moment to establish contacts with representatives of important companies, as a first stage of future cooperation. It is good to know that UTICAM is not all about business but also fun. The organizers assure also unconventional shows with construction machinery on show, workshops and much fun.

Other then entertainment, fair visitors can even find a job. It is sufficient to have experience in the field and the desire to work. In a specially arranged area, vacancies of the field will be shown, along with contacts and addresses where to send résumés in order to be registered with the important companies.

Workshops for everyone

The price for a visitor ticket for the entire duration of the fair is 10 lei. The visiting schedule over the five days is 10 – 17. Over the daily seven hours, the organizers will make sure that visitors won’t have a dull moment. Workshops are organized for them, with important names of the construction field as speakers.

These workshops aim mainly to relax the public and attendance is free. “Specialists will speak here about the construction industry, about the trucks and construction equipment market. There will be a few technical demonstrations.” says Carmen Nechita, the representative of Set Events. Both exhibitors and visitors will be safe, as the organizers are in contact with a security company that will ensure 24/24 surveillance and guard of the fair.

Raluca Borceanu
Translated by Ioana Giurgiuman