The International Earth Moving, Site and Building Machinery Exhibition held in Verona opts for a four-day formula.
The 29th edition of the exhibition is scheduled 27 February-2 March 2014 with a new four-day formula instead of the previous five days. This decision was taken by VeronaFiere management in response to requests by big player exhibitors, operators and experts in the market to ensure better optimisation of attendance costs and the human resources needed, especially in view of the long-term difficulties on the market and the consequent changes in scenarios all over the world.
Moreover, following the change of dates for the American Conexpo exhibition (brought forward by two weeks compared to its traditional scheduling), exhibitors will also have the chance to preview any new products at Samoter with positive results in terms of visibility, visitors and communication.
VeronaFiere also confirmed the triennial scheduling defined in 1993, on the basis of an agreement enjoying the major support of CECE (the Committee for European Construction Equipment), which allows the three main events in the sector – Bauma in Munich, Intermat in Paris and Samoter in Verona – to rationalise and qualify the offering by facilitating visitors and exhibitors and, especially, by avoiding overlaps.
As programming work for 2014 gets underway, whereby SAMOTER is determined to continue its traditions and continue to be a landmark for all the players, companies, institutions and category associations in the building, construction and allied trade field.
All the more, SAMOTER has set itself ambitious and important objectives to promote and finalise – as an authoritative and recognised mediator – strategic and functional agreements between public structures and companies to valorise the specific production features of every segment in the field..
The appointment for the presentation of the next edition is at Intermat in Paris.
Source: Samoter Press Room