Vibratory plate DPU 100-70Les: Strong performance on surfaces, precise detail

Vibratory plate DPU 100-70Les:
Strong performance on surfaces, precise detail
Infinitely variable speed provides new ease of control and greater efficiency.
(Munich) The DPU 100-70Les, with its 100 kN and up to 87 cm operating width, is one of the largest and most powerful walk-behind vibratory plates on the market. So that this power package can also compact along and right up to edges with precision, the speed of this new DPU 100-70 version can also be infinitely varied at the push of a button in both forward and reverse travel.
To compact large surfaces, the ideal solution is to use powerful high-performance machines such as the DPU 100-70, with which surfaces can be compacted very quickly and efficiently. However, on construction sites these surfaces commonly border on critical areas such as curb edges, the walls of buildings or bridge posts. To avoid the risk of damage, high-performance vibratory plates – which at full load can be controlled with precision only by using a certain routine – are frequently not taken right up to the edge. Soil Compaction Product Manager Oliver Kolmar explains that “the new version of the DPU 100-70 is specially designed so as not to water down the efficiency advantage of the plate’s size and performance by having to work edge areas using smaller machines – all of which is more time-consuming. Instead, the operator can flexibly reduce the plate’s speed at the push of a button, slowly move the machine along the border of the area and then increase the operating speed again. In this way he can compact all areas of a surface in one work operation using just one machine, and can do it to a consistently high quality standard.“

Another advantage of the infinitely adjustable speed is the reduction of the centrifugal force down to creep speed. This enables the vibratory plate to also traverse hard surfaces without any damage. This makes it easier to move the plate to a different location on the construction site, and makes it even more versatile. The centrifugal force can likewise be infinitely adjusted for on the spot compaction, which can be activated at the push of a button.
Efficient technology – great ease of control
The new cyclone prefilter represents a technical improvement, as it more reliably protects the engine against soiling than used to be the case, thereby reducing maintenance times. A robust Kohler engine with high power reserves also helps improve the machine’s service life.
The operator of the new DPU 100-70Les can also look forward to further reduced, extremely low hand-arm vibration levels of less than 2.5 m/s². Safety aspects such as a centrally located Emergency Stop switch and automatic changeover to safe operating mode if control is lost also provide optimum operator protection.
Coupling set – for XXL surfaces
The new DPU 100-70Les can also be used as a double or treble coupling set for compacting railroad ballast. This multiplies the surface capacity while at the same time providing maximum flexibility in terms of the mobility of the vibratory plates on the construction site. One preferred field of application for the remotely controlled coupling sets is for example compacting ballast in a large area, as the vibratory plates display better load distribution on this type of surface than rollers.
Source: News Room Wacker Neuson