Volvo works on the dock of a bay

The biggest port in Western China sees Guizhong Haixun Logistics using a fleet of Volvo machines to handle more than 100 million tonnes of cargo a year.
Fancheng Port City lies on the coast in the south of Guangxi region, bordering Vietnam and is currently experiencing a boom in sea trade construction and development. Guangxi Region is famed for its forested mountains and stream-filled valleys but income from port related industries far outstrips that of tourism, commercial fishing, hydropower and agriculture. The area also grows essential crops such as rice and sugarcane, and commodities such as coal, limestone – even spring water.
The Fangcheng port, on the Tonkin Gulf – a body of water located between North Vietnam and South China – has become the largest port in Western China and one of the country’s 12 major coastal terminal ports. It contributes nearly 70% of outgoing cargo to Guangxi’s coastal terminal ports. From 16 million tonnes in 2004 to 106 million tonnes in 2013, the Fangcheng Port has taken only 10 years to rank among China’s biggest ports with the capability of handling over 100 million tonnes of cargo every year.
Guizhong Haixun Logistics, a logistics and transportation company based in Fangcheng Port City, use Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) machines to drive its operations at the port.
A lasting impression
“The Volvo L105 wheel loader made a lasting impression at the 2012 Bauma construction show in China,” says Zhang Jian, general manager of Guizhong Haixun Logistics. “After the show we enquired about the machine and checked its compatibility with our needs in the port. It turns out it’s perfect for our operations. We had already bought two Volvo excavators in 2011 and judging by their performance, we found that from our perspective, Volvos were much better than other brands in terms of power and fuel efficiency, building our confidence in the company.”
The Volvo L105 wheel loader carries, moves, loads and stocks cargo along the dock of the port. The machine takes as few as six loads to fill a hauler and thanks to its power and speed fill cycles are short.
“The machines work 17-18 hours a day almost without interruption breaks, except for operator meals and shift handovers,” says Zhang Jian, general manager at Guizhong Haixun Logistics. “According to our records, our L105 wheel loaders keep running perfectly even though they have already clocked 1,000 hours in the last three months. This proves excellent durability and give confidence that the machines are designed for ultra-long service life.”
Details for design
The Volvo L105 wheel loader is equipped with an industry-leading cab, boasting an ergonomic design and easy-to-reach controls not to mention excellent visibility.
“The L105 adopts an all-round glass structure instead of heavy metal framework around the windshield, resulting in better visibility. Its rearview mirror is bigger than others and its design is well thought through,” says Huang Jiagui, operator for Guizhong Haixun. “The cab is well sealed against dust and features a simple screen and clear data display. Thanks to its seat and easy-to-operate system, 12 hours of operating feels like a lot less.”
Working on the dock of a bay
The machines are working on the docks, close to the sea and are surrounded by strong smelling chemical fertilizers, so the L105 has a three-level air filter, which significantly improves the overall air quality in the cab and protects the driver from dust particles and strong odors.
“For many drivers, the maintenance of a machine is routine work,” says operator Meng Yujun. “It’s so easy to service the L105. Its maintenance points are easier to disassemble than other brands.”
After seeing Volvo equipment working at the port, another company based on site –Chuangjia Mining – decided to buy two new Volvo 105 wheel loaders to use at the site for its operations.
“We paid close attention to this machine and after comparisons and testing, we found it extremely powerful – with 10% fuel savings compared with other brands,” says Zhao Shanbin, general manager of Chuangjia Mining. “Therefore, Volvo is our number one choice.”
Source: Volvo CE