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Duxes Aftermarket

Week of Events to Explore the Future of the Auto Aftermarket and Vehicle Insurance in China

As China cements its position as the world’s largest auto market, and the average age of vehicles in circulation continues to increase, the auto aftermarket in China is expected to expand dramatically. Currently, the Chinese aftermarket only accounts for 30% of auto industry profits, below norms of 65% established in mature markets, indicating the potential for growth in the coming years. At the same time, the vehicle insurance sector has undergone profound change, as new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, telematics, and ADAS, offer new possibilities for product development, and threaten the viability of traditional auto insurance models.
Following up on the promising market conditions detailed, Duxes Auto Aftermarket Week will take place on June 12-15 in Shanghai, consisting of three summits, the 3rd China Auto Aftermarket Summit 2018 on June 12-13, 8th China Remanufacturing Summit 2018 on June 12th, and 7th China Vehicle Insurance Summit 2018 on June 14-15. This slate of events will bring together leaders in the field, drawn from automotive enterprises, insurance companies, parts suppliers, e-commerce platforms, government agencies, non-profit associations and research institutions, to discuss the prospects of the auto aftermarket, and vehicle insurance in China, detailing the effects of new government policies, technological innovation, the e-commerce boom, and other important developments.
Speakers and panelists will give prominent voice to latest market conditions for the auto aftermarket and remanufacturing in China, with detailed testimony on regulations governing import and export for core parts, bonded repair, the impact of the latest automotive sales reform, in addition to analysis of the role of OEMs, dealers, suppliers, insurers, and other service providers in the auto aftermarket. The vehicle insurance summit will emphasize innovation to extended warranty, claims settlement, sales, and business models, wrought by cutting-edge technologies and e-commerce.
Duxes Auto Aftermarket Week 2018 will pick up where last year’s summit left off, continuing organizer Duxes’ decade of engagement with the automotive industry in China. Professionals working in the automotive and insurance industries, as well as in related fields, are invited to attend.
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