When Things Get Tight, Even Better Ideas are Demanded

Hard to believe, but the free spaces in the MHI Nieder-Ofleiden basalt quarry are already running out. According to the organisers Geoplan GmbH there are currently only two handfuls of available spaces left on the site. The rest was already fully booked in April and the creators of this demonstration exhibition will now have to produce nothing short of magic. Even though the pavilions are also booked to 90% capacity, it is particularly demonstration-driven suppliers who are jostling for open-air space.

A view of the steinexpo “fairground” in the MHI Nieder-Ofleiden quarry. Since 2008, the terrain has developed due to the progress of daily quarry activities, but in essence, the zoning has remained similar. Photos: GEOPLAN
Although, given the favourable economic situation, growth was anticipated; that orders would be placed so rapidly and so early wasn’t quite expected, based on the experience of previous trade fairs. However many headaches the situation may cause, to the trade fair manager Dr. Friedhelm Rese the development is confirmation yet again of the concept of the trade fair, which has developed self-perpetuating qualities. Added to this is the unrivalled position of the Steinexpo in the market as the leading European demonstration exhibition of heavy machinery for commercial application in the raw materials and building materials industry.
Exciting combination of live demonstrations and classic trade fair exhibitions in pavilions.
So far, 147 exhibitors have made firm bookings, of which more than 50 will present their exhibits in live demonstrations. This leaves the question, what about all those who have not yet confirmed their participation, but who also want to be there. “As always, we are working hard at finding solutions for all those interested. After all, the last time we extended our stand layout, moved sanitation facilities, etc. at virtually the last minute to meet the needs of exhibitors,” explains Dr. Rese. Even if the organisers would have liked to enter the status “Done” in their planning schedule, all indications are that the planning at the 8th Steinexpo will also have to remain flexible right to the end.
In addition to the standard fare, there are also several new developments. As at the recycling aktiv / TiefbauLive double feature trade fair, bauforum24 will also be the official trade fair TV for Steinexpo 2011. Don’t miss out on anything is the motto of our fast-paced world. The freshly filmed and edited recordings allow visitors to view important highlights of the event on flat screens during the exhibition and of course also afterwards via PC or Smartphone. As usual, all broadcasts can be viewed around the clock on www.bauforum24.tv.
More info: www.steinexpo.de
Date: 31 August to 3 September 2011
Steinexpo: As the biggest and most significant stone quarry demonstration exhibition on the European continent, the steinexpo had its premiere in the Niederofleiden stone quarry in September 1990. The trade fair is held in a three-year cycle. By means of impressive live demonstrations against the backdrop of a magnificent stone quarry, manufacturers and dealers of building and processing machinery, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles as well as plants for reclamation and treatment of materials put their service performance on display. The recycling of mineral building materials represents another focus point. The steinexpo is organised by Geoplan GMBH,Iffezheim
Source: SteinExpo Press Room