Woodco Machinery strengthens SDLG network

Woburn, Massachusetts-based Woodco Machinery joins the SDLG dealer network, selling and supporting the complete lineup of SDLG wheel loaders
Following the addition of four new dealer locations in Canada, the U.S. is also adding a further location offering SDLG wheel loaders. Woodco Machinery, based in Woburn, Mass., joined the SDLG dealer network in September. It will sell the brand’s complete lineup of wheel loaders for the region, as well as provide top-notch product support and service.

Bob Benard, president of Woodco
Bob Bernard, president of Woodco Machinery, celebrates the addition of SDLG wheel loaders to the company’s offerings.
Woodco will provide SDLG wheel loaders and support to eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The company stocks a wide range of construction equipment and has a team of well-trained sales and serviceman to back its offerings. The addition of Woodco will strengthen SDLG’s presence in the region and give customers the support that only comes from an experienced dealership.
Bob Benard, president of Woodco, said that adding SDLG wheel loaders to the dealership’s lineup would enable the company to offer good quality, brand-new machines to customers that typically would have purchased a used machine.
“There’s a great market we can serve with SDLG wheel loaders,” he said. “Customers that will only use their machines for seasonal work, such as snow removal or bark mulching, don’t need the features of a premium, more expensive machine. Other customers only need a secondary machine that won’t be running for many hours each week. In the past, these customers purchased used machines, but with our addition of SDLG wheel loaders, we can now offer them a new, well-made machine that is fully backed by a warranty and Woodco’s product and service support.”
Woodco will sell the SDLG LG938L, a 2.5 yd³ capacity wheel loader; the LG948L, a 3.0 yd³ capacity wheel loader; the LG959, 4.0 yd³ capacity wheel loader; and the LG958L, which has the same basic specs as the LG959, but with dry disc brakes rather than wet disc. All four loaders are backed by a 12-month, 1,500-hour warranty.
Al Quinn, director of SDLG North America, said the addition of Woodco brings a trusted dealer to SDLG’s efforts in the northeast U.S. that shows great knowledge of the product and its potential customers.
“Part of the strategy in rolling out SDLG across North America is to partner with dealerships that are equipped to offer great service and support to their customers,” he said. “Woodco really knows the customers and industries in its region and can provide them with valuable expertise. Woodco has an outstanding reputation and we couldn’t ask for a better partner in Massachusetts.”
For more information on SDLG wheel loaders and the SDLG dealer network, please visit www.sdlgna.com