World Renewable Energy Technology Expo – India Leads The Way In Green Building

Green construction is one of the biggest growth areas right now, as businesses aim to save on energy costs and meet government targets for efficiency. That’s opened up a whole new set of possibilities for the construction industry, but it presents a fair number of challenges too. There’s a lot more to sustainable building than just choosing different materials, and it can be an intimidating task. The 6th World Renewable Energy Technology Expo, running soon in New Delhi, will bring all the products and knowledge you need together in one place; if you’re expanding your operations in green building this is an event you really don’t want to miss.
WRETC is slightly different from most construction expos, with a heavy focus on regulation and science. That doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of innovative products on display though – expect to see a wide selection of materials and systems. This is a very fast-moving field and it can be hard to stay up to date on what’s available, so an event like this is the ideal chance to keep current. Learn about how to build energy-saving structures, and even how to minimise your own fuel costs and carbon emissions as you work. Construction has always been an energy-hungry field but you might be surprised at just how much you can reduce the amount you use – and the amount you pay for it. Being up to date on energy efficiency won’t just help you comply with regulations for sustainable buildings; it can actually help you bid more competitively.
Products on display will include renewable power generation systems that allow a building to produce much of the electricity it uses, and storage solutions to turn solar electricity into power at night. You’ll find insulating materials and energy-efficient glass, plus lighting, water and climate control systems that minimise a building’s environmental impact.
One of the real attractions of WRETC is the sheer variety of expertise that will be gathered for the event. An extensive programme of seminars and workshops will cover every aspect of sustainable energy, from rooftop solar panels to future smart cities. This is an invaluable chance to see the future of the industry.
The World Renewable Energy Technology Expo will be held at the New Delhi Convention Centre from 21-23 August. The venue is centrally located; take advantage of city hotels plus good access from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Entry to the expo is free and you can register at the event website.