Building & Construction Myanmar – Doorway to Asia’s newest construction market

Myanmar has had long-running economic difficulties that have made it difficult to invest in construction, but since the military rulers handed power back to civilians in 2011 the country has been making enormous efforts to make up for lost time. The economy is seriously underdeveloped and the new government is keen to start opening up Myanmar’s plentiful mineral and energy resources, so there’s a huge demand for infrastructure as well as new residential and commercial buildings. Building & Construction Myanmar is the key event for anyone keen to build in Myanmar.
Myanmar’s own construction sector is still catching up with the latest technologies, and while it’s making impressive progress there are obvious opportunities for international contractors to play a major role in the country’s development. So far almost a hundred exhibitors are confirmed for this year’s event, ranging from up and coming local firms to big names from Japan, Germany and the UK. Expect to see the latest products from other Asian countries, including strong showings by Korean and Thai companies. Stands will be showcasing the state of the art in everything from heavy plant to electronics and finishing materials, with a strong emphasis on the mining and resource extraction sectors as well as environmental technology.
As well as the exhibition hall the event features an interesting programme of presentations and workshops, which are an invaluable resource for anyone planning to work in Myanmar. The theme of this year’s conference is renewables, and it’s being organised by the German industry. This should be a great chance to explore Myanmar’s growing renewable energy sector, which is receiving a lot of government funding right now, and start to develop contacts who can help you win your share of contracts. The conference will bring together solar energy firms, investors and potential clients, so it really is a don’t-miss event.
Emerging economies like Myanmar can be challenging to do business in, so the more contacts you can make the better – local contractors, regulators and decision makers, international firms who’re already working there – and Building & Construction Myanmar will give you the chance to meet them all. Myanmar really is packed with opportunities for construction professionals, and this expo is your access point to the market.
Building & Construction Myanmar 2015 will be held at the Myanmar Conference Centre in Yangon from 26-28 November. The venue is only 3km from the international airport and 15km from central Yangon – perfect for follow-up meetings with your new contacts, or just a spot of sight-seeing. Entry is free and you can sign up through the event website.