640px The Royal Armouries rear
640px The Royal Armouries rear

Ecoshowcase Leeds – Growing sustainability in England

The UK is both one of the world’s most active construction markets and a leader in green design and sustainable energy. One of the fastest growing economies in Europe, there’s constant demand for residential, industrial and infrastructure development. The government is also launching a major new drive to increase the housing stock, which opens up more opportunities for contractors. UK legislation means anyone with a good understanding of sustainable and energy-efficient building has a competitive edge when looking for contracts, so the Ecoshowcase series of one-day presentations offer a lot of value. The next one will be running in Leeds in early November.
Ecoshowcase Leeds will feature exhibits by some of the UK’s leading sustainable building companies with products including low-energy ventilation systems, insulation and glazing. You’ll also be able to check out the latest design tools that can help develop even more efficient buildings. The focus is firmly on sustainability and green building; this is obviously going to be a huge growth area in the next few years and every bit of additional knowledge puts you in a better position to win the top contracts.
The real value of this event is in the presentation program, featuring a broad spectrum of speakers. Technical topics will cover issues like home storage batteries, which have the potential to make home electricity generation far more practical. There will also be an explanation of the UK’s incentive scheme for renewable heating, including all the latest changes to the law. Each presentation will give you the chance to join a discussion with experts, have your questions answered and give your own perspective on how it’s all working.
Of course the networking potential of events like this can’t be underestimated, and you’ll be able to meet fellow contractors, potential clients and representatives of trade bodies and the government. This is immensely valuable for finding and securing future contracts as well as staying informed about what’s new. The local nature of the Ecoshowcase events is a big strength here, too, as everything you hear will be tightly focused on what’s relevant to local projects.
Ecoshowcase Leeds will be taking place at the Royal Armouries Museum on 3 November. Just a few minutes’ walk from central Leeds, well signposted and easily reached by rail, it’s an ideal venue for the event. The event is free, and you can register online through the Ecoshowcase website.