CARIB BUILD & REAL ESTATE SHOW – 1st International Caribbean Building, Construction & Real Estate Exhibition

  • Centre of Excellence, Tunapuna, Trinidad, 19- 21 September 2017
  • Theme: Building the Caribbean’s future, with a new specialised industry focused trade event

The CARIB BUILD & REAL ESTATE SHOW, the 1st International Caribbean Building, Construction & Real Estate Exhibition will take place at the Centre of Excellence, Tunapuna, Trinidad, from 19- 21 September 2017. The event will be organised by AME Trade Ltd.

The CARIB BUILD & REAL ESTATE SHOW will incorporate: a three-day trade show, corporate workshops, a B to B meeting area allowing companies to set up the relevant meetings before the event starts and specialised workshops to allow knowledge sharing and discovering up to date industry information.

CARIB BUILD will showcase the major construction projects taking place in the Caribbean & allow companies to bid for new ventures. It will also facilitate companies in the building industry to promote their products and services, to launch new brands, expand their sales distribution network and target consumers directly. It will be a window of promotion for all types of housing in the Caribbean region, allowing buyers to find out how they can get on or climb the property ladder.

The Caribbean building and construction industry is currently booming as its economy improved throughout 2015 and the outlook for 2016 is excellent with GDP up from 2.5% (2015) to 3% (2016).

The region witnessed a 5% increase in tourist arrivals in 2015, after 2014 saw its best year ever. A record 26.3 million visitors came to the Caribbean in 2014, spending US$29.2 billion. Caribbean destination tourism is rising at 4.7%, the fastest growth region in the world. Tourism is driving invest in infrastructure such as airports, roads, marinas and ports, as countries seek to guarantee a competitive position. The Caribbean had 44 hotels with 9,382 rooms under contract. Of those, 14 hotels with 4,240 rooms are under construction. The need for top class building and construction expertise and materials is exponential.

The Caribbean offers a grand panorama of real estate opportunities ranging from luxury to social housing. Approximately US$1.8 billion is needed to end poor housing conditions currently endured by 1 million residents in The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. Major funding is in place to finance upgrading the Caribbean’s infrastructure. US $35 billion has been set aside as part of the China–Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (China-CELAC) Fund, which has recently been made available to the group’s member states. A UK-backed Caribbean infrastructure investment scheme became operational in 2016, offering £300m worth of grants for infrastructure across the region until March 2020.

Find out more about the plethora of opportunities in the Caribbean’s building, construction and real estate industries at the CARIB BUILD & REAL ESTATE SHOW.