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SDLG and Alibaba form partnership to improve intelligent manufacturing in China

SDLG will use Alibaba’s business intelligence expertise to modernize production, increasing efficiency and flexibility in the process. SDLG and Alibaba Group Holdings (Alibaba), which is headquartered in Hangzhou, China, have announced a new partnership aimed at improving and enhancing intelligent manufacturing techniques at SDLG’s assembly plants in China. SDLG, which …

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Digitisation successfully implemented in medium-sized businesses: Wilhelm Jost GmbH & Co. KG relies on road construction 4.0

Digitization is a hot topic in the construction industry. Existing processes are changed and supported by digital media such as tablet PCs. Traditional professions are changing. Digitisation is not an issue to which only corporations have a claim. On the contrary, digitization provides a new starting point in the area …

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H-series – The New Generation

H3 and H4

Hatz GB will be displaying two examples from their range of water-cooled engines at Hillhead 2018. On stand CE8 the Hatz team are showcasing their new 3-cylinder 3H50TIC and 4-cylinder 4H50TIC engines. The 3H50TIC is a new liquid-cooled three-cylinder diesel engine available in the fan-to-flywheel version as well as an …

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Data Mining

Is the global mining industry ripe for an equipment recovery – or still suffering the hangover of the boom years? Here Chris Sleight, managing director of analyst Off Highway Research, shines a light on what to expect. Things are seldom ‘normal’ in the world of mining. Things are either Very …

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The World's Top Five Mines

Many necessities of modern life rely on mined materials – but where are these minerals coming from and what exactly makes them so impressive? Whether it’s the car you drive or the phone in your hand – and even the toothpaste you use – mined minerals can be found in …

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