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project africa

Projex Africa – The new era in Egypt’s long construction history

Egypt’s economy has suffered from periods of stagnation but right now it’s in the middle of an ambitious reform programme. The country has strong oil, tourism and transport sectors and is planning major upgrades of its infrastructure, and it’s also experiencing rapid population growth. This all adds up to huge demand for construction, fuelled by both domestic and foreign investment, so for anyone looking at building in the Middle East this is a market you can’t afford to overlook. If you’re interested in finding contracts in Egypt then Projex Africa, running in Cairo this November, is the show for you.
Billed as “The future building and construction trade fair”, Projex Africa aims to turbocharge Egypt’s building sector by promoting the latest in building technology and sustainable development technology. Exhibitors will cover an impressive range of categories with a strong emphasis on green and smart buildings. Energy and water efficiency has always been a key driver for Middle Eastern architecture and Projex shows how this can be achieved with the latest in systems and materials. Whether you’re looking for a project in Egypt, searching for a contractor or broadening your knowledge of industry trends this event has a lot to offer.
The scope of Projex Africa goes well beyond Egypt. As the name implies it will bring in visitors from all over Africa – Egypt’s location makes it a natural hub for much of Africa and the Middle East, and its network of international relations give the country an influential position. Attendees will include potential clients and government representatives, so it’s the perfect chance to start building up valuable contacts throughout a large and busy region.
As well as the array of exhibits Projex will also be hosting a conference on the challenges facing the construction industry and likely solutions. This will bring in a lot of expertise from academia, governments and the industry, so it promises to be extremely useful for all attendees. Egypt’s business culture is modernising rapidly and a good understanding of how things work will give you a serious advantage as you plan your projects.
Projex Africa will take place at the Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre from 2-5 November. Just ten minutes from Cairo’s international airport, this modern and well equipped venue offers all the amenities you’ll need for your visit and has several good hotels located nearby. Entry to Projex is free and registrations can be made through the event website.