From energy-efficient to "nearly zero-energy " buildings

Buildingreen 2014 – the National Conference for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction will be held for the fifth consecutive year within Bulgaria Building Week. The forum, which will be conducted on March 19 at Inter Expo Center – Sofia, Bulgaria, aims to present the new horizons and challenges during the planning, construction and renovation of buildings in accordance with Directive 2010/31/EU.

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 By the end of this decade a new requirement will be introduced – all new buildings in the European Union shall comply with the new “nearly zero- energy building ” standard ( NZEB ). The definition of this standard is a must for each state,that has, within the all-European policy for energy efficiency , the right to comply with specific climatic conditions and with building traditions , as well as with the economic capacity of the respective markets . In this regard, recently the countries conducted an intensive preparations for drawing national definitions and for their approval through local regulations. Though with some delay , our country also launched similar type of preparation. As a result, at the end of last year there came out the first proposals for amendments of the current regulatory framework for energy efficiency of buildings.
Experts from various professional fields with reputable knowledge and practical experience in the design and construction of low-energy buildings speak in support of changes in regulations that should create conditions for the accession of nearly zero- energy building in Bulgaria as soon as possible. They propose setting –up a ” comprehensive ” and ” integrated ” approach in design, including all specialists at the very first phase of the project .
Representatives of the Ministry of Investment Plannig , Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism , and of the professional organizations of CAB , CEIP,BACIW , NAMRB and busines associations will discuss at the conference the update of legislation in the field of energy efficiency and the preparation of a National Plan for promoting nearly zero- energy building ( NZEB ) .
Experts from the Ministry of Regional Development will present the progress of the ” Energy renovation of Bulgarian homes ” project, funded with BGN 65 mln. under the OP “Regional Development” , and also the type of funding for energy efficiency that will be available under the new OP “Regions for Growth 2014-2020″ .
Leading planning experts and business representatives will demonstrate current projects and technology solutions for building of energy efficient and ” nearly zero- energy buildings
“.Buildingreen 2014 is organized by The City Media Group, in partnership with the Inter Expo Centre, OPRD , NAMRB, BACIW, CEIP, CAB , BGBC,and EnEffect .
Source : Bulgarian Building  Week