Exhibiting Tips For Construction Shows

exhibiting tips for construction showsIf you’re taking the plunge on exhibiting at one of the construction shows, then we’ve got some great tips for you to make sure that you get the best from it.
Be friendly. This is actually the biggest part of successful networking. By being approachable, you’ll make it easier for people to introduce themselves and you’ll have more chance of securing that sale that you’ve been looking for.
Enjoy yourself. You’ll come across with positive feeling and people will enjoy your company. You’ll be remembered better too from the event – and this can only be good for your business.
Greet and meet. Go out of your way to greet the people who walk past your stand. Take a relaxed stance and allow them to see what you’ve got on offer by standing off to one side from any signs or products.
Eat and drink. It’s easy to forget to eat in the hubbub of a big show, so make sure that you eat something that will keep you feeling good and at your best. Drink water to compensate for any fluid loss that you’ll experience during the day. It will also protect you against getting headaches from the sometimes hectic environment.
Be discerning. Not every trade show visitor is going to be valuable when it comes to allocating your time fruitfully. Ask questions to try to understand whether your visitor is just looking around or is at the ready to buy stage. “Hello, thanks for visiting, are you familiar with ….”
Make plenty of notes. During the day you will meet many people and it’s hard to remember who is who and what type of prospect they are. Jot down names, company names and at what stage of the game they are.
Do a daily check. You don’t have to wait until the show is over to know how you did. Take a good look at what’s working and what’s not working so well and make adjustments as you go along. Hold a daily meeting to discuss potential improvements and as a motivational tool.
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