From Pyramids to Plant – BUILDEX Egypt 2015 Celebrates Cairo’s Construction Heritage

buildex egyptEgypt has a long history of building, and is rightly famous for the durability of some local construction techniques – few other countries have buildings more than 4,700 years old. Today Egypt has one of the most dynamic and diverse economies in the Middle East and modern construction methods have replaced the ancient ones that built the Pyramids. The country has a major building industry and BUILDEX Egypt 2015, running from 13-16 August at the Cairo International Convention Centre, is its latest showcase.
BUILDEX Egypt will be an international event, with ten pavilions covering 25,000 square metres and containing stands from at least 20 countries. Over 600 separate exhibitors are expected and every sector of the industry will be well represented. It promises to be an impressive show. Egypt has a very broad-based construction sector, with both local companies and overseas contractors involved, and this event offers a great opportunity to everyone. With Cairo and other cities growing rapidly there are plenty of contracts available; BUILDEX Egypt is your chance to put yourself forward and learn more about how to do business in the country.
Of course one of the big attractions of any expo is the chance to see the latest products from both domestic and international manufacturers, and BUILDEX promises to have a huge variety for you to look at. Expect to see everything from structural materials to fittings and fastenings, including a good selection of locally produced finishing materials – Egyptian architecture makes heavy use of tiles and marble, and the quality is often outstanding. You’ll also find the latest in climate and lighting systems, plus tools, safety gear and much more.
Doing business in the unique culture of the Middle East can be intimidating, but BUILDEX Egypt is an outstanding chance to talk to local businessmen as well as international companies with regional experience; it’s a great way to learn how to navigate your way through the system. There will also be representatives of Egyptian trade associations and government agencies who’ll be happy to help you.
BUILDEX Egypt 2015 is free to attend and tickets can be obtained instantly through the event website. CICC is a modern venue, perfectly suited to construction exhibitions and equipped with the latest in amenities. There’s a wide choice of hotels in the surrounding area and easy access both from the international airport and central Cairo. While you’re here you should also take the chance to explore Cairo and the sights around it – including those pyramids.