Knott-Avonride Officially Launches Unique Range of Automatically Adjusting Trailer Brakes

The UK’s leading manufacturer of brake and trailer technology – Knott-Avonride Ltd – has announced a ground breaking innovation that’s set to solve age-old issues in trailer performance with the launch of an automatic adjustment system for auto-reverse brakes.
In an industry first, this next generation universal brake system differs to other models on the market due to its unique capability to ‘self adjust’. The system’s automatic action provides smooth braking as well as equal and consistent wear of all brake shoe linings. In addition, trailers fitted with the new system have further benefits for construction and plant equipment companies including:

  • Enhanced overall performance for, putting an end to jerky movements;
  • Quicker trailer inspection and servicing, with no need to manually adjust shoe linings;
  • Less wear and tear on the towing vehicle and trailer;
  • Avoidance of common reversing issues regularly associated with poorly adjusted brakes such as damaged couplings and linkages due to trailer shunting;
  • Provides with peace of mind that the brakes will always be properly adjusted if subjected to a roadside test;
  • Faster braking response, consistent braking effect and shorter braking distance.

** The system is also available as a retrofit kit on the Knott 200×50 brake which can be easily and quickly installed**

Phil Holman, Joint Managing Director of Knott-Avonride Ltd spoke about the system:
“This exciting innovation dramatically improves the durability and reliability of trailer braking systems with significant performance benefits for trailer owners. Knott has devoted decades to improving brake technology and this latest system really sets the new standard across the industry. We are confident that our latest innovation will provide construction and plant equipment businesses with many benefits including improvement in overall performance as well as reduced service costs.”
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Source: Knott-Avonride News Room