Satisfactory Conclusion for „Baumec/Viatec 2011“

BAUMEC 2011 – Trade Fair for Construction Machines and equipments joint with VIATEC 2011 Trade Fair for Road Construction and Infrastructural Management

Bolzano, 17. – 20. March 2011

Bolzano Fairs and most of the exhibitors look back happily to the last week-end, that offered to the construction industry and the 183 exhibitors a display where 9200 visitors could gather information on work security in constructions, construction machines, all purpose transporters, road constructions, traffic engineering and much more.

Pat Cox, EU-Coordinator for the axis Berlin-Palermo at the opening of the Baumec/Viatec 2011 in Bozen
It results from the surveys that Viatec lost visitors, as apprehended, based on the former bank holiday on Thursday march 16th, where as Baumec registered the same visitors traffic count as two years ago”, according to the fair manager Reinhold Marsoner, whom is still satisfied with the outcome, given the effect of the crisis on the construction industry. As by a random survey on 567 visitors, 27.9 % rate the economy of the sector as “declining”, just about half of the respondents (49.6 %) rate it as “stable” and 17.3 % as “growing”; 5.2 % did not answer this question.
Roughly 30% of the visitors came from other regions: the constructions fair combo attracted visitors from all over Italy and abroad and cut them off discreetly; the offer of both fairs was appraised as follows: for 54, 1 % the general impression was “good”, for 11.6 % “very good”, for 27, 3 % “satisfactorily” and for 5.8 % “unsatisfactorily”; 10, 8% of the visitors declared to have placed orders (transacted) during the fair.
There were 183 local and foreign exhibitors that found during the four days at the Bolzano fair a display of the construction industry and who took contact with the sector.
We exhibit at Baumec/Viatec since we believe in the fair as a marketing instrument and we use this platform to introduce our product to the South Tyrolean market, where we would like to reach a higher degree of brand awareness. The number of the established contacts was the same as two years ago and I believe this will lead to developing good business relationships”, as by Marco Fais, sales manager of Faresin Buliding Division AG
The owner of company Kommland was also very satisfied with the course of the fair: “We meet new customers on the fair and can show our complete product range. We expect a good post fair business development from the contacts we have established”, emphasized Josef Reiterer.
The South – Tyrolean business woman Maria Niederstätter thinks positively, in spite of the ever so often quoted crisis in the construction industry: “We exhibit at the trade fairs in Bolzano since 1975 in order to constantly extend the network of our business contacts and to show our novelties. Trade fairs are an ideal platform, in order to take contact with 2000 representatives of the sector in four days. The construction industry is in crisis but we work hard on overcoming it by insisting on direct contact with the customers, on development and mostly on quality, and the customers are happy.”
The double fair was accompanied during the first two days by the international symposium “ BrennerCongress 2011”, with top class speakers such as Pat Cox – EU appointee for the Brenner Basistunnel; Ing. Konrad Bergmeister – from the BBT Company; Dr. Paolo Montagner – manager of the Road Patrol Department of the Autonomous Bolzano Province, and Ing. Carlo Costa – Technical manager of the Brenner Highways A22.
Saturday stood under the sign of work security: a congress organized with industry partners approached organizational and management models for work protection with the constructions field and implementation of the work protection models in companies. On the other hand, on Friday, within the frame of the double trade fair, the yearly assembly of the Council of the Construction Entrepreneurs in the region of Bolzano took place, where the chances and possibilities of reaching profit while the crisis in the field of constructions was discussed.
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Source:  Press Room FIERA BOLZANO SPA