UTICAM launches successfully in Romania

Announced as the largest trade fair of construction machinery and trucks in Romania UTICAM did not drop off. 40 exhibitors came to Bucharest bearing “heavy artillery”, probably attracted by the growing market, despite the crisis.
Already at the opening ceremony of the fair, State Secretary in the Ministry of Transports and infrastructure Mr. Eusebiu Manea Pistru Popa made a point by announcing that the construction market will not come to a standstill trough 2012, on the contrary. “We closed 2011 with 123km of highway inaugurated and the objective for the current year is to finalize 200km more, prioritizing on the fourth European Corridor, the one to connect the EU to the port of Constanta, with an immense economic potential” the Minister declared.
Though, what the UTICAM organizers forgot is that Romanians, and not only them, celebrate Labor Day by relaxation. May 1st was just two days after UTICAM and in Romania this day is always celebrated by a mini vacation. Many left on Friday to the mountains or the sea, so only the absolutely interested made it to UTICAM. For, if Romanians do prepare something thoroughly, that would be a vacation … Most of the exhibitors admitted this directly. Anyhow, during the past years, many feel that such fairs are just to be checked, since it is difficult to find important clients on the spot. “We have representatives in the territory, scouting clients, running direct presentations so the problem is approached differently there” says Traian Savu, Business Development Manager at Terra Romania. He admits though that UTICAM is not a fair to miss. All the important players on the construction market are here. At this first edition, one could really take a close look to the competition, on the compact area dedicated to the fair, in the parking area of Baneasa Commercial Center. Many understood to leave the too large machinery back home, as by the statement of the representative of Tractor Proiect Comert Brasov, distributor in Romania of BAUER Maschinen Group and TEREX-FUCHS from Germany. They presented the whole range of machines but exhibited only two of the most representative – BAUER BG 20H, an equipment drilling down to 53m and worth over 1 mil Euros and the handling loader TEREX – FUCHS MHL320D.
In the scenery crowded more by tradesmen than visitors our attention was drawn by the “SOLD” signs on several machines exhibited by company LiuGong. The sales manager, Lihong Li, declared that all were sold in UTICAM and he was optimistic for the coming days of the fair. We met him during the third day. We approached him, and others, with the issue of the discounts and many exhibitors declared that the customers are no longer attracted by discounts, as they were once. This does not mean that there were no discounts on the fair, just that the customers are more interested by the final costs implied by a product. The 10%, 20% or even 30% percentages less are an attractive view but they don’t necessary produce signed contracts. And this would be since the final acquisition cost is the most interesting, rather then the initial price, reduced just to stimulate a promotion. Other then that, producers too don’t have that many reserves to deduce from. They affirm the crisis took care of that already. The prices were deduced to a minimum and there is not much left to march off with in the line of discounts.
Trade fairs remain the ideal circumstances to launch products, study the market and the novelties of the field, as confirmed by Petre Băbiceanu, President of the Association of the Construction Machinery Distributors. UTICAM meant to “introduce to the construction market technological novelties as with 2008 up to date” and it succeeded. 500 construction machines were brought here, worth over 30 mil Euros. 80% of them are models launched in 2012 and they were premiered within a specialized event.
At the exhibition stand of Bergerat Monnoyeur, for instance, we found novelties. They are exclusive importers of Caterpillar and at UTICAM they premiered two machines – Caterpillar 950 and 323. The first is a performing frontal loader that saves fuel and has an automatic regeneration system. Moreover, it has electro hydraulic controls, joint with the chair. The latter, CAT 323 has a breaking force and lifting capacity superior to earlier similar products. Also other producers counted on novelties and brought them. However, everyone says that machinery is constantly improved, aiming to increase performance and to meet environmental requirements.
Let there be orders!
Michelin brought at the international fair UTICAM a unique solution for the Romanian construction machinery market. For the MICHELIN X-WORKS tires range, destined to the construction market, warranty offered is 6 months in case of accidental damage.
Volvo built at UTICAM an exhibition stand meant to celebrate the 5 years of presence on the Romanian market. They brought road construction machinery – pavers and compactors, multifunctional machinery, production machinery – loaders and excavators but also accessories. Half of the machinery exhibited was absolute novelty.
Mercedes Benz colored the UTICAM scenery with 5 impressive pieces of machinery and an easy commercial van – Mercedes Benz Sprinter, leader of its class, with the lowest running costs.

Author: Lupoian Raluca
Translation: Ioana Giurgiuman