Pandemics, Fast Construction, and role of Healthy Spaces

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic, originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, has hit the world hard. Things are getting scary and the overall picture is grim. It has changed the world to a level that nobody imagined. Doctors, nurses, support staff and social works are overcome with lassitude. The government’s …

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Circular Economy in Built Environment

The 20th century started with a lot of debate and focus on climate change. This climate change term has now transformed into many other relevant terms like sustainability and the United Nations has developed a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which all the member countries agreed upon. These …

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3-D Printing in Construction

3-D Printing Bridge Spain

What do you think of a construction site? Probably a messy place with a lot of workers, engineers, supervisors, and machinery. Right? But things are changing now. Building information modeling and other computer-aided design software tools are providing multiple solutions for complex geometry especially generative design is gaining popularity among …

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Use/ Role of AR/VR in Construction

3D Repo

Technological innovations have revolutionized industries across the globe. Internet of things, smart devices, automation, and artificial intelligence are ubiquitous in industries and daily use gadgets. The pace of technological advancement is unprecedented. The construction sector is also incorporating modern innovations to meet the demands of the modern era. The construction …

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