The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Endorsement of MMI Infrastructure Initiative Adds Boost to Indonesia’s Development Programs – ConBuild Indonesia / Renewables Indonesia

Messe München International (MMI) is most honored to have received the endorsement of The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs for its MMI Infrastructure Initiative to stage ConBuild Indonesia and Renewables Indonesia.
The first platform showcases Construction and Building Machinery, Equipment, Materials, Vehicles, Technology & Services, while the second one will give strong emphasis on Renewable Energy, Green Resources & Environmental Technology. Although clearly defined as separated exhibition clusters, the two events will be combined as a kind of twin platform, with synergetic conference panels to highlight Indonesia’s new growth cycle, based on more sustainable foundations. Indeed, the conference will address the twin aspect of sustainability: on the one hand, the need for infrastructure development and the expansion of the construction and building industry, including mining construction & development, and on the other hand the imperative to promote efficient and renewable energy, clean transport & clean development mechanism and sustainable mining.
In the new growth cycle of Indonesia, the support from the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs is most crucial, as it is the key-ministry for infrastructure development and regional allocation of resources, which coordinates project financing and implementation by other ministries and stakeholders. In the national development agenda, the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs plays the most important role in the policy-making process, directly under the supervision of the President of Indonesia and its role is even more critical in Indonesia’s shift towards the Green Economy. In this regard, MMI Infrastructure Initiative will also contribute to introduce the
Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs as the main gateway for new development initiatives, including foreign investment.
Connecting Global Competence, MMI provides the most extensive resource networks for Conference and Exhibition to support Indonesia’s new growth cycle, such as the American
Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the German Machinery Manufacturers Association (VDMA), the key multipliers in the two most advanced economies in the world – America and Germany – for the construction And building industry. The platform is further supported by other local and international partners and industry associations.
In cooperation with the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, MMI Infrastructure Initiative calls for the active participation of the Indonesian industry to join ConBuild Indonesia and Renewables Indonesia with a view to consolidating Indonesia’s multifaceted synergy and partnership with foreign industries. Both events which are organized and promoted towards their respective sector and targeted industries will boost technology transfer and capital investment into Indonesia. This will make Indonesia’s industry more competitive in the Post-Crisis global market. It will enhance Indonesia’s capability to shift towards a green economy, as Indonesia can build its key economic sectors on more sustainable foundations, with MMI serving as a technology platform to promote Indonesia’s interaction with the world.
According to the World Bank’s latest Indonesia Economic Quarterly update, 6.6 billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital has flowed in since June 2009. This, according to the World Bank, shows that Indonesia is poised for government-catalyzed and private sector-driven investment that can be further raised with the right policy improvements for the investment climate, with The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs now promoting the new concept of public-private partnership (PPP) based on the synergy of between the Ministries and Private industrial sectors.
Infrastructure is a top priority, and private investments are needed to build a better Indonesia. This year marks an important step toward improving the overall state of our infrastructure. The government has fully committed to accelerating projects through Public-Private Partnership (PPP). It will continue to take a proactive approach toward evaluating its policies in order to increase participation from the private sector. As a result, many reforms have been made and laws enacted, to assure a more level and streamlined approach for investors”.
Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs
in the Second United Indonesia Cabinet
MMI is proud to introduce the twin Platform of ConBuild Indonesia 2011 – International Trade Fair for Construction and Building – Machinery, Equipment, Materials, Vehicles, Technology & Services; and Renewables Indonesia 2011 – International Conference & Trade Fair on Energy Sustainability, Green Resources and Environmental Technology. Both events will take place in Jakarta from 13-16 April, 2011, at the Jakarta International Expo (JL Expo), Kemayoran.
Background Info:
About The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of Indonesia
The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, is tasked with the ambitious goal to further connect Indonesia to the world to achieve balanced economic and social growth, provide adequate access to social infrastructure to enhance employability, improve the standard of living, and nurture sustainable development. It has the important coordinating role to serve as a useful catalyst for investment in Indonesia.
In conducting its duties and functions, the Ministry is to coordinate: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Marine and Fishery, Ministry Manpower and Transmigration, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Cooperatives, Small & Medium Enterprises, State Ministry of the Development in Backwards Regions, State Ministry of the Development Planning/ National Development Planning Agency, State Ministry of State owned companies and other institutions to be considered necessary. The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs therefore acts as the execution element of Indonesian Government, is under and amenable to the President of Indonesia, and has the duties to coordinate policy planning and policy building and to synchronize the policies implementation in the economic issues.

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